$ git clone https://socialnetwork.ion.nu/socialnetwork-web.git

(HEAD) Diff Tree Check that node.js is available before attempting to build libraries (required by emscripten)

Diff Tree Initial feed page implementation.
Diff Tree Implemented support for fields.
Diff Tree Implemented basic post updates.
Diff Tree Implemented privacy getting/setting.
Diff Tree Initial user page implementation.
Diff Tree Added a missing copyright/license notice.
Diff Tree Initial friends list implementation.
Diff Tree Added technical details about the serverside account option.
Diff Tree Display the generated key in a modal window with an option to save it as a file.
Diff Tree Dropped the jsglue file functions in favor of emscripten's FS API.
Diff Tree Use struct sockaddr_storage instead of struct sockaddr.
Diff Tree Some improvements/progress on the GUI.
Diff Tree Added lists of verified and quarantined addresses to prevent abuse of the webpeer service for DDoS attempts. The verified-list also doubles as a list of bootstrap peers.
Diff Tree Lots of little fixes:
Diff Tree Switched to building against an external libwebsocket.
Diff Tree Initial commit.